Lazing in the Haze of Midday

Video by Alexander Peverett, Remix by Roger Tellier-Craig

Alexander Peverett

Alexander Peverett (b.1976) is a British multi-disciplinary artist and electronic & computer musician. He resides in Sendai, Japan and Brighton, England. Over the past two decades his work has explored the disciplines of, and relationships between: electronic and computer music, video art, audio-visual performance, multi-media installation, procedural art and computer graphic paintings.

Informed by the traditions of perceptual art, british constructivism, systemic & modular painting and electronic & computer music, along with the pioneering ages of video synthesis, computer art and video gaming, his progressive exploration of systems based processes and an often hyper vivid synthetic aesthetic provides a unifying foundation for his wide range of creative works.

His studio practice utilises and unifies electronic sound and image making hardware and software from the past 40 years with modern technologies, blending both outdated and contemporary tools and techniques in an optimistic exercise in producing a timeless form of electronic art.

His electronic & computer music compositions, most commonly published under the name of "Team Doyobi" and produced in collaboration with Chris Gladwin, have been released on Skam Recordings, 12k, Line, Alku, Tigerbeat6 and most recently on his own anglo-japanese electronic music company, Icasea.

He is a contributing member of the online art collective Computers Club and enjoys continuing collaboration with a number of artists, most recently setting up a creative partnership with one of his long term collaborators Takashi Aoki.

He has shown work at London's Tate Modern, The International Symposium on Electronic Art, All Tomorrows Parties, Sheffield's Lovebytes Festival, Tokyo Designers Week, Bios Festival, Todays Art, OneDotZero, Bring Your Own Beamer and Barcelons's Sonar Festival amongst others.


Roger Tellier-Craig

Roger Tellier-Craig is a Montreal-based electronic musician obsessed with the history of electronic sound whose work revisits an array of approaches and technologies. Working with digital tools such as granular synthesis and sampling, as well as with computer controlled analog synthesizers, he hopes to develop an aesthetic that hints at some unknown and impossible memories. He has been working very closely with Sabrina Ratté, providing the soundtrack to most of her videos, as well as the audio portion of their audio-visual duo, Le Révélateur. He has released a number of records under this name on Root Strata, Gneiss Things and NNA Tapes.