On The Lam

Video by Eva Papamargariti, Remix by Astytekk

Eva Papamargariti (b.1987) is a Greek architect and new media artist. She has been collaborating with architects, artists and design groups since 2008. Her projects focus on architecture, graphic design and time-based media (digital installations, video, gif animations etc,) She is interested in creating digital spaces and forms which can provoke different concepts, narrations and atmospheres each time, using a variety of methods, tools and programs. She has exhibited group and individual projects both in Greece and Internationally (Athens, New York, London, Berlin etc) and also on the Internet.



Remix by Panajiotis Vaxevanakis aka Astytekk

Panajiotis Vaxevanakis was born and lives in Athens , has been involved in electronic music since 1996 , from ms-dos and trackers to modern 64bit daws and analoque hardware , moving along the lines of improvisation, experimentation and the versatility of musical productional trends.
In 2011 launched lower parts . Lower Parts is a record label based in Athens, Greece. It is a collaboration of performers involved in the sound crafts, multimedia arts and fashions.


About this track:

Astytekk approached this piece as much as possible closer to the original style. lowering the tempo a bit, analog synthesizers routed THROUGH distortion pedals, and a 4/4 beat that nails the sequences. sense of busier.

Further the track is a reference to a remix that Astytekk heard for the first time in 99 in a trance party, from iconic Simon Postford (Hallucinogen).